Fishing method   Pulse Fisheries
    Twinrig fishing
Fish hold   Floor blasted lined with polyester
    New paneled walls lined with polyester
Netting room   Floor new paneled
Processingdeck    Ceiling and walls new paneled and polyesterd 
    Floor replaced by stainless steel checker plate 
    Processing equipment completely renewed 
    Placing new fish cisterns
Main deck   Complete replacement of the wooden deck coverings
    Deck blasted
    Main fishhold hatch replaced
Winch room   Increase by 0,80 mtr
    Overhaul winch engine
    Coated and finished
    Replacement winch control electrodes / pneumatic
    Front completely renewed
Engine room   All engine pumps renewed
    Seperator replaced
    All generators renewed, alternator revision
    Link to the factory for total overhaul
    Piping adapted / updated
    Revision compressors
    Fuelpump separator renewed
    New hydraulic system serving nettenrol constructed
    All E-closets updated / refreshed
    Cabling entire ship renewed 60-80%
 Rear deck   Completely re ingetimmerd / wired etc ...
    Places behind mast serving twinrig
    Nets Roles serving twinrig
    Aft lengthened and widened
Bridge   Replacement existing floor
    Completely re ingetimmerd / wired etc ...
    Aluminum triclad renewed
    New aluminum doors
    New windows installed
    Equipped with new navigation equipment
Stralen   Entire ship
Rigging Blocks   Overhauled / renewed
Network   Pulsewings etc, new delivery
General   Safety completely renewed
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